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This is a placeholder and just to explain what happened to Names In Lights.
It was originally a craft / business project, selling word light units; due to ill health, we had to quit making the units after just a year.
I reworked the lights into individual units, and created a catalogue of images, in the hope that I could turn this around by selling them print on demand, as you can see on the products below. Sales don't even cover the hosting for this site, and yet, this site has exceeded allowed bandwidth, due to people visiting and downloading my images.

It's with great regret that I have had to pull the site as I was happy to share the images. I will not miss the emails demanding that I do this, that or the other, all for free.

If you would like to buy the domain name, or have a creative / profitable use for my catalogue of images, you can get in touch on Facebook.


  • The name Angela in lights faux neon lights
  • names in lights Benjamin
  • Camila name in lights
  • The Name David in Lights
  • The name Emily
  • The name Faith

Name Specific Birthday Cards and Multi-Purpose Greeting Cards

We're really proud of our greetings cards at Names In Lights. With Birthday cards available for over 300 popular names, you can change just about everything about all of our cards. Delete borders, write a greeting in your choice of font and resize and reposition the main image!

Names In Lights Cards on Zazzle

Birthday cards, greeting cards for specific names.
Phone cases and Laptop Covers

Phone Cases and Laptop Sleeves

Keep your devices safe from damage with our range of highly personalisable phone cases and laptop sleeves. You can add lines of text and resize and reposition the images on all of our cases and sleeves.

Names In Lights Cases on Zazzle

Names In Lights Sleeves on Zazzle

Mugs, Plates, Tiles and Keepsake Boxes

These all make wonderful personalised gifts. Add lines of text in crisp, white script, to celebrate a birthday or graduation.
Please get in touch if you want names combining for "couple designs". If we already have the name images, this service is currently free of charge.

Names In Lights Gift Boxes on Zazzle

Names In Lights Mugs on Zazzle

Mugs, Plates, Tiles and Trinket Boxes
Stickers, Pins Buckles and Necklaces

Stickers and Pins (Badges), Buckles and Necklaces.

For every name in our catalogue, there's a range of small gifts. As with all of our products, you can make your own changes, add text and resize the main image.

Names In Lights Belt Buckles on Zazzle
Names In Lights Stickers on Zazzle
Names In Lights Pins / Badges on Zazzle

Names In Lights Necklaces on Zazzle