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Contemporary Art by British Light Artists

About the creators of Names In Lights

Names In Lights were developed and created by Jill Bonner and John Blackburn at their studios in the North West of England.

Jill by John
John by Jill


Jill by Jill

I have been a compulsive fiddler with things for as long as I can remember. At about seven years of age I developed a passion for drawing and painting.
A bit too non-conformist (read that as you will) even for art college, I dropped out at nineteen.
I enjoyed a varied career, taking in self-employed signwriter, cheese micro-analyst, pet portrait artist, chocolate adjuster, motorcycle courier, effluent tester and illustrator but not necessarily in that order.
I have always loved working in 3D; I have learned the techniques we use to make our lights during projects to make various oddities, including the Mad Cow chess set and dolphin mirror frames.
A picture gallery of my other artwork is on my to do list.

John by John

Where to start about me? A mechanic by trade having started my apprenticeship in the 70s when things were still in black and white and the Allegro was king. Electronic things became a fascination for me when I discovered the wonderful world of DIY hifi and embarked upon building myself just one amplifier. As with all good things though, one led to another and even the bathroom has speakers now. I failed the “just one” bit.  
Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are another of my loves, they are truly remarkable things in my opinion. They were invented by Henry Joseph Round in 1907 amazingly enough, but it took another 60 years to get the first red ones to be bright enough to be of any practical use.

Names In Lights by Names In Lights

You can do things with LED light that would be either impossible with incandescent bulbs, or be a real fire hazard (or most likely both). Due to the very low heat output of leds they can be safely encased with minimal ventilation and the extremely long service life means they will be pleasing to the eye for years to come. Add to that their tiny power consumption for the amount of light given and it is a winner on every front.

When we developed Names In Lights we set out to both explore the potential of LEDs as art materials, and to combine our diverse talents.
Initially, we sold the lights as bespoke light sculptures but the time involved in making each unit, as well as the associated costs made it impractical to continue.
We redeveloped the lights as individual letters which are solid state and stand in water and now we use them to create picture designs of words.

You're free to download the photos and the designs are available on a large range of cards and gifts - find out more about the goodies you can get with Names in Lights designs.
Visit the Names In Lights Zazze Store

We are currently working on reviving the Names in Lights project, including giving you full access to the whole database of names and designs, at full size.

Taking a small monthly suscription will allow us to make the new equipment and buy the storage space we need to host them on, so you will be able to make your own prints and posters without using up all of your black ink!

Contact us by email info(at) if you would like to register your interest to subscribe.